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Daughters of Mary offers an opportunity for women to take their place at the table of God’s word.  The last ecumenical council, gathering bishops from around the globe, exhorted Catholics to learn their faith and make it their own.  How can we do this if not through a profound meditation on Sacred Scripture, particularly the Gospels narrating the life of Our Lord?  We began Daughters of Mary with this end in mind.  Each woman is not only created in love by God but is called to learn the art of breaking open God’s word, nourishing herself on that word, and then sharing that word with her family and those around her.

Each week, then, we pore over the Gospel reading chosen by the Bride of Christ, the Church, and quench our thirsty souls on God’s self-revelation found there.  Indeed, we are all like the Samaritan woman at the well, more thirsty than we even realize, desirous for a life of intimacy with Our Lord and an understanding of what He desires from us and for us.

Come join one of our weekly meetings, learn how to see God’s word with freshness, and thereby find rest for your soul.

Father Anthony Wieck, S.J.Daughters of Mary Spiritual Director